The Next Generation REIT

Income Driven (By Design)SM

JLL Income Property Trust (JLLIPT) is an institutionally managed, daily valued, perpetual life real estate investment trust (REIT) that gives investors access to a growing portfolio of diversified commercial real estate investments selected by an institutional investment management team and sponsored by a leader in global real estate services.

Unique Opportunity

JLL Income Property Trust allows you to invest a $10,000 minimum initial investment through your financial advisor.


The structure of JLL Income Property Trust has a number of potential benefits:


  • A modest minimum initial investment of $10,000
  • Access to an investment manager previously available only to institutional investors
  • Available through consultation with your own investment advisor


  • An established portfolio of existing properties
  • Daily valuation of portfolio*
  • Simplified tax reporting (Form 1099-DIV)
  • Sponsored by a public company (NYSE: JLL) subject to SEC and NYSE reporting requirements


  • Perpetual life structure provides for increased or decreased investor allocations to real estate over time
  • While a holding period of 5 to 7 years, or longer, is recommended, the initial lock-up period before shares are eligible for repurchase is one year
  • Transparent repurchase procedures

*JLLIPT’s daily NAV is not based on any public trading market. The valuation of properties is inherently subjective.

You may wish to consider an investment in JLL Income Property Trust if you seek the following:

  • To further diversify your investment portfolio through the use of commercial real estate as an alternative asset class
  • An investment that seeks to protect and preserve capital with the potential to generate a consistent stream of income
  • Daily repurchases, subject to certain limitations, a one-year holding period, and the board’s discretion to suspend or terminate repurchases 
  • The opportunity to invest in high-quality commercial real estate that is diversified by property type, industry and region (including the flexibility to invest internationally)
  • The potential for long-term capital appreciation over time
  • An investment strategy that may reduce volatility and serve as a hedge against inflation

There can be no guarantee that these objectives will be achieved.

For the first time, you have the opportunity to invest in a growing portfolio of high-quality commercial properties managed by one of the world’s leading real estate investment firms – designed with your investment goals in mind.